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Pwyllgor Apêl Eisteddfod Caerdydd 2018 Fairwater – appeal committee

Diolch i Ceri am gysylltu gyda’r manylion a’r poster yma. Mae yna darged heriol o £10,000 i godi tuag at Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Caerdydd 2018. Cyhoeddir manylion am ddigwyddiadau unigol maes o law.

Fundraising group members wanted! This is news of the Local committee tasked with raising £10,000 towards the 2018 National Eisteddfod here in Cardiff. Details of events to follow.

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Ballet, Modern and Tap Dance lessons

Jenny Hume has been in touch with news of her dance school dates. Here they are:

Fairwater Dance School – Mondays and Fridays at Pentrebane Zone

Classes in Ballet, Modern and Tap
Age 3-4 4.00-4.45pm £3.80
Age 5-6 4.50-5.50pm £5.00
Age 7-8 5.55-6.55pm £5.00

Contact Jenny Hume 07969 835245
jennyhume012 (at)

tap dance class photo
Photo by mliu92


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Pentrebane Community Centre drop-in

Communities First are hosting a new Wednesday morning drop-in at Pentrebane Community Centre. There”s advice available about finances, housing, consumer rights and more.