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  1. The Fairwater and Pentrebane division are in the process of looking at new facilities as we have outgrown our current premises in the operational centre at Norbury Road. We have a group of 25 young members aged between 5 and 10 years (Badgers) and another group of approximately 40 members aged between 10 and 17 (Cadets). Both of these groups are supported by a dedicated team of youth leaders and officers.

    We are looking for a location that can offer us a regular session on a mutually agreed day/s so that we can expand our programme. We are hoping to be able to utilise any outdoor space also that you may have to allow us to expand the programme with outdoor play and activities. This will be a major bonus as we currently use an operational ambulance station with no outdoor facilities. We would also be looking to have a small amount of storage space available and maybe a mutually negotiated notice board or 2.

    If anybody has a facility that could help us please contact Ford Brazel | Divisional Officer in Charge on 07714216750

  2. Noswaith dda / Good evening

    I was hoping to send you a poster about the Fairwater, Ely & Caerau Appeal Committe for the Cardiff National Eisteddfod in 2018. Do you have an email address so that I could forward it to you? It would be great if you could help advertise!

    Diolch / Thanks

    210 St Fagans Road

  3. Hi, please could people keep an eye out for my friend’s cat which has recently gone missing? It’s in the Kieron Close/Chatsworrh Close/Tangmere Drive area. It’s a male, neutered, 5 years old, ginger with very long hair. He’s called Tim and he is very shy.

    Please email eloisegdavies@yahoo.co.uk with any information.

  4. Hi, Suzie Rees here. We are looking for volunteers in our garden – St. Peter’s Community Garden and I wondered if you could put a poster on the site for me. We also offer Time Credits and have an open day on June 2nd if anyone would like to visit. I can also send a poster for this.
    Thanks very much

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